June is bringing the 🔥🔥🔥

GFT Family…. It’s officially JUNE!

Repeat or Reset?

This month is so loaded i don’t even know where to start. I don’t want this to feel like announcements so I’ll start with transparency!

Comparison kills and insecurity cripples.

I have been experiencing some real tug of war. I know I’m not alone.

There is sooo muuuuch stimuli all around us.

The world’s business. Other peoples business. Brand business. Family business. Financial business.Kingdom business.

It’s absolutely the easiest thing to get your eyes off of Gods assignment for you and on the wrong person, place or thing.

Is anyone else guilty? 👀

I had to turn off things, groups, lives, CH , conversations and more. God meant it when He said Be Still , Hear God….. SO I DID!

I’m glad i turned down(not for what)

I had to realize that

  1. I have been doing the right thing with the wrong mindset.
  2. I have been doing the right thing with low expectations.
  3. I have been doing the right thing with the wrong me.

I Am Someone ELSE.

The version of me that got me here has to exit stage left. Thank you. Love you and I’ll tell people about you. ✌🏽

This knew me. This author me. This speaker me. This coach me…… She is here and NOW. I agree with Luther. And I’m vowing to love this me FAITHFULLY until the next me emerges.

I hope you are making room to emerge, spring forth, ARISE & BUILD!

You ARE GRACED FOR THIS and I Love You BIG! 💚🌺🔨

🌺 Coach K


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Are you ready ?

This GTG challenge is continuing to change the lives of many. We doing it a 2nd time this year as a COMMUNITY .

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