The 21 Day CHallenge

Growing Through GRIEF!

This 21 day challenge will show you how to move from the grieved to graced. Grief is the plot twist that no one asks for and is never received with excitement. Refuse to let grief put you in the grave!

These 21 days will illuminate the pathway and the permission you need to Grow Through Grief!

The Challenge Begins

June 10, 2024
12:00pm Eastern Time


Kenitra Mozelle

Kenitra is an author, speaker and coach advocating for all things Kingdom & Community.

After being introduced to widowhood in 2021, grief became her catalyst to take ownership of her wellness journey. She then founded a community, Graced For This to help other women, especially women of faith take ownership of their wellness. GFT leads you to own your wellness personally, relationally and professionally.


Graced For This The Devotional- A 21 Day Journey For Women Growing Through Grief

Kenitra Mason, shares her experience with grief and wellness as a guide to help other like her. Grief is unfamiliar each time we encounter it. Each loss is new and introduces a new transition. Kenitra shares a model that you can be used each time life introduces a new and unexpected transition.

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