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Jumpstart 2024

Helping Builders Shift From Confusion to Clarity & Stress to Strategy!

SALE Nov 24-Nov 25

Are you ready to show up & execute ?

Are you ready to scale the hard work you invested in 2023??

Do you need a customized strategy for you business or brand?

Do you want to start off your 2024 strong?

Its time to stop racing in your business and start resting in your service. ….this Black Friday special is for you!

SAVE $1000 on Annual Strategy Session

We’ll spend our 3 hour session together reviewing your the brand, refining your strategy and outlining an implementation plan for your 2024 calendar year

This package gives you the blueprints for the your building so you can focus on filling the rooms. It also includes the Graced For Business Content Workbook.

Schedule your Jumpstart 2024 Strategy session in December the week Dec 4-Dec 8 to get ahead of Christmas and make time for automation custom strategy blueprint. *MUST PAY IN FULL*

In 2024 Builders Become Bosses!

You don’t want to miss the chance to move into 2024 as a boss, stress free and strategy set!

What To Expect

  • 3 Hour One to One Session
  • Laying the Foundation Session
  • Community/Brand Audit
  • Review of Annual Goals
  • 12 month Strategic Outline
  • Develop Immediate Implementation Plan
  • Includes Graced For Business Content Workbook.

How Do I Schedule?

All Jumpstart 2024 Strategy sessions are conducted in December, the week Dec 4-Dec 8. Truly A JUMPSTART.

  • Get ahead of Christmas bustle
  • Early start on implementation & automation of your strategy blueprint. *MUST PAY IN FULL TO SCHEDULE*

Save $1000 NOW to invest in 2024 later!

Reviews About Coach K

Why Should You Connect with Graced For Business?

"My experience was full of incredible and exceptional bosses from all walks of life. Let me tell you it was nothing short of transformative." - Rozina

"To be in the room with so many Bosses and yet so many poured. These women didnt bring comparison or competition but like minded community"- Jimmica

"I had an incredible time being a vendor at Graced For This. It was a pleasure to network and meet to many inspiring women!" - Kiameshea

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