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🩶 🌺 Its 4th Quarter with 4 min on the clock - GraceNGRIT

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Its 4th Quarter

The Time Is Upon

Grace - As we enter into this time be reminded of the walk that Christ took on our behalf. Gods grace for US sent a faultless human to earth render us a give us a gift that we have not earned.

GRIT- In order to give us this gift Jesus encounter toil and GRIT. His road to Calvary was hard, bloody, beaten. It was filled with ridicule , mocking and misunderstanding. Yet HE went to Calvary to die for us ANY!



STREAM- yes we will stream to the YT channel. You know this and you’re welcome to GET IN THE ROOM. 1852 Gordon Highway Augusta GA 30906.


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Hi, I’m Kenitra Mozelle

If you’re growing through grief and ready to build what helped you heal this content is for you. We own our wellness journey personally, relationally and professionally.

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Hey Builder, First- thank you for being apart of this space. If you do not consider yourself a builder, if you don't have a burden for kingdom, if you're not building what help you heal to impact other on a similar journey... I invite you to unsubscribe from this email. If you ARE GFT and focused soley on the grief journey, reply to this email and let me know to remove you from the Builders Tag. No problem at all. I'm all bout stewarding this space well. OK and OK . LYB! Down To The Tea! Yall...

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