3 Heart Checks As You Build! On GOD! | #GracedForThis

What Are You Building?

Grace + GRIT Squad

If you thought MARCH was LIT. April is about to be an INFERNO.

The application of the Grace and the GRIT has produced something NEW in us and its time to lean fully into it. The Summit was just the beginning!

Our question for each WellnessWorksWednesday is …… On God! What Are You Building?

I think we are all pretty clear that something is being BUILT. God is building something and we are the vessel He is using.

We don’t want to forfeit what God is doing through us because something in US blocked Us! Lets do personal check in as we’re preparing to build and build well!












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Graced For This- community for women of faith taking ownership of their wellness journey personally, relationally and professionally!

Hi, I’m Kenitra Mozelle

If you’re growing through grief and ready to build what helped you heal this content is for you. We own our wellness journey personally, relationally and professionally.

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HAPPY JULY YALL, This month is coming in with a BANG. I don't even need 4th of July fireworks, God is bringing his own. To be honest its been a push and pull to get here. Like to hear it , here it go! I Was Growing But Not Going Of course i do me best to be honest, process and share. Sometimes its a bit complicated, however i wont make any excuses. This Coach K situation has been present for more than a year now. Was i fully leaning into NOPE. Was i making myself available for the people God...

Hey Fellow Builder, I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine is coming along quite well. Even after a double road trip this weekend, i'm feeling like this week is off to a smooth start. Last week the builders and I chatted about 3 things. I wanted to unpack this conversation with you all as we count down the days to our GFT Conference this weekend How's Your Peace? We talked about being uncomfortable in the same place! Rather being uncomfortable because you haven't taken the next step...

Hey Builder, First- thank you for being apart of this space. If you do not consider yourself a builder, if you don't have a burden for kingdom, if you're not building what help you heal to impact other on a similar journey... I invite you to unsubscribe from this email. If you ARE GFT and focused soley on the grief journey, reply to this email and let me know to remove you from the Builders Tag. No problem at all. I'm all bout stewarding this space well. OK and OK . LYB! Down To The Tea! Yall...