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Laying Foundation
Before You Launch

Event planning for leaders is more than an occasion. Events for leaders are opportunities to give Hospitality that Heals


Value That Impacts Our Forever.

April 1, 2024
6:29pm Eastern Time

YOU Before
You Launch

We know that getting that big idea matched with big passion makes you want to run full force into planning. But PAUSE you should do an inventory of yourself FIRST! Events that leave lasting impact require strong leaders with clarity about where and how they are purposed to serve.


Join us for a free workshop to walk you three foundational keys before you launch your event planning process. Planning for Impact can take you many directions. It's important to establish a firm foundation.

  1. Who are YOU in your vision?
  2. Who are you called to impact?
  3. Whats the TAKEAWAY for others after encountering you?

Kenitra Mason

Kenitra is a passionate Kingdom Advocate with over 15 years of event planning experience. She is a Registered Nurse by trade and Event Planner by passion. She has combined these gifts as the owner of Kenitra Mozelle Enterprises to serve leaders and visionaries with Kingdom and Community impacting visions deliver value and Hospitality that Heals.

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