Graced For This 2023

A ONE day conference for women taking ownership of their wellness journey, Personally, Relationally & Professionally.


Saturday June 15, 2024

Downtown Augusta, Ga

Community, Conversation & Collaboration

for your GRACE journey.

Why should you attend?

  1. Are you ready to intentionally pursue better wellness by acknowledging triggers of grief and trauma?
  2. Are you interested to learn how therapy, coaching and counseling services can support you?
  3. Are you ready to move forward but are unsure of the next steps?

During GFT Conference you will be immersed in a community of like-minded women having open, honest & courages conversations to become the next best version of yourself.


What to expect at GFT Conference

  • Connect with established and rising business owners, authors, writers, entrepreneurs, founders and more!
  • Have safe conversation about your human experience as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, survivor and overcomer!
  • Feel the embrace of community combined with a VIP hospitality to navigate challenging yet necessary conversations.
  • Coaching and Panel Discussions to empower the purpose being birthed from the woman who is healing.


Registration Description


The #GFTCon is for women who are

  • Owning their wellness journey
  • Redefining healthy relationships
  • Getting clarity on their purpose
  • Learning to use their voices
  • Building their purpose brand


Meet Your GFT Conference Speakers 2023

Jan Mitchell

Founder of She Moves Forward

Her Mission: Empower the widowed to heal forward purposely | Providing access to tools and resources for widows |Advocacy for widows in their grief journey.

Chanel E. Martin

CEO of Beyond The Book Media

Mission: Help christian thought leaders write & publish books| Help small business owners tell their unique brand story | Position & increase your exposure on and offline.

Meet Your Purpose Partner Panelist

GFT Wellness Panel

Alexis Hatcher of Back To Life Apparel

Qwanquita Wright of Focusing on SELF

Dr. Toni Melvin of DMV Medical Group

GFT Writers Panel 2023

Jimmica Itson of Inspired To Express

Chashawna Wesby of Writing Women Work

Robyn Woods of Wine & Mastermind

GFT Business Panel 2023

Lineka Michelle The Brand DevelopHer

Natonia Tillman of Unlimited & Infinite Business Solutions, LLC.

Natalie McKinnie of New Mantle Enterprises

GFT Wellness Works|March 2023

Jan Mitchell, Chashawna Wesby, Kenitra Mozelle, Jimmica Itson, Robyn Woods (Left to Right)

​​Testimonials From GFT Events

Graced For This Wellness Works was amazing and there were sooooo many takeways. I'm glad I got to be apart of it! -Denise Hubbard
The Graced For This Wellness Work Summit was EV- UH-RY-THING. IT FED MY SOUL!! The venue, the vendors, the speakers, the attendees and most of all my beautiful sister Kenitra Mozelle were all top notch. The attention to detail and most of all the guidance of the spirit did not go unnoticed. Thank you for having me. I'm honored to know you!! What you're doing is necessary! Love you so much #gracedforthis - Shawna Dominique Harris.
The Wellness Works Summit was a treat with these beautiful ladies. Since mental doesn't just affect our ladies, it hit our guys hard too. Glad to see that there were some guys in the house to voice their thoughts. It is ok to get help. If you go to the doctor for other things in the body, you surely can follow up on your mental.
- Keiona Burford

GFT Conference | June 2023

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